Echocardiography Summer/Winter School

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Daily from 9 am to 5 pm

Dedicated to a completely new way to teach echocardiography

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Main topics

LV & RV function

Valve disease




Special pathologies

Language of the summer school and all sessions: English

What is special about the course?

Your course benefits


Whether you are a physican, cardiac sonographer, technican or otherwise dealing with echocardiography, we all have one in common: No time!

There is no need to attend various courses on various weekends throughout the year to learn all about  echocardiography, to brush up your knowledge or to prepare for an echo board exam. These 4 days will empower you to go straight ahead!

Teaching experts

Do you know this feeling? You have read and reread an article about diastology but still have problems with the algorithms… Echocardiography is one of the beautiful things in the world, but even if you are an expert sometimes things can only be understood if they are thaught the right way. 

We are real experts, not only in echocardiography but also in teaching. We love teaching and we teach every day, day in and day out!

Highly interactive

We have developed a disruptive new mobile echo simulation and training package to help you learn and understand echocardiography perfectly – directly on your device! 

Take along your mobile device, train and compete with other participants. Build up a great team on site, interact with others and win our contest!

And hopefully: Make new friends in the world of echocardiography!

Top rated – proven quality

Since 2011 we have trained over 1800 participants and have received top level rankings with a 99% recommendation rate.

Because our courses are often sold out month before the courses start, we use a ballot system to distribute the tickets for this course.

Want to learn more how to participate?

Special events

Echo contest
Echo case slams

Course Places Allocation

How to enter the course?

We use a ballot process to allocate the course places to participants from different countries and regions throughout the world. 

4551 - Casting Vote


Apart from teaching you everything about echocardiography, one of the goals of our course is to bring together echocardiography enthusiasts from all over the world. Moreover our course includes an echocardiography contest and each team should have representatives from all over the world. And last, but not least, a lot of our courses are sold out month before the courses start! 

4549 - Filling Ballot Paper

You can pre-register for the course from the 12th of September by filling out the “Preregistration form.  On the 6th of December, we will allocate the tickets to the regions around the globe to ensure that each region is represented. This is done by using a ballot process (random drawing) to fill up the places. 

Termin Echokurs

Notified pre-registered participants then have 7 days to purchase their ticket (1350 €) . If they do not pay their ticket, the tickets will revert back into the ballot.


Should not all seats been taken by the 13th December an additional ballot process or a regular registration will be opened.

Important Dates

12th September – Pre-registration opens

6th December – Allocations and ticket sales open


Registration Fees

1350 €


Entry to all sessions taking place from 27 June to 30 June 2019

Coffee breaks and lunches during the course

Extensive course materials

Contest access

CME credits


For any questions please email